Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Dentist and my new location

News travels fast. My Dentist in downtown Kansas City (KC, MO) is closing it's doors in less than 2 weeks. I've moved out to KC, KS by the raceway. It's just a 13 min drive from downtown on I-70. Please feel free to contact me. I can get your records and have them transferred. Remember, it is your option where you want to seek care but the charge for records duplication may apply.

Currently, we take the following insurance carriers:
BCBS Traditional
Delta Dental

Others may be added so don't fret. If you have another carrier, please let me know. I'm making some big decisions right now and if enough people participate in good insurance plans, then I may decide to take them here.

I will be here until December 31st and may continue after that. In case you're curious, I'm thinking about doing one or more of the following:
Teaching at the dental school and working on my days off
Staying full-time out by the raceway
Opening my own full-time practice

This is why it's important to keep in touch- who knows where life will take me and you, of course!

The office info: Gentle Touch Dentistry
9501 State Ave, Ste. 7
Kansas City, KS 66111
Please tell the receptionist you know me from my previous office.

Thanks for reading- Dr. Jennifer McAroy


  1. Dr. McAroy - thank goodness we found you. We visited My Dentist a couple weeks back and were so dissapointed to find you were no longer there. We were also dissapointed with our service and not surprised to here of its closing. You have been the best dentist we've had - our 3 boys love you and look forward to going to see you, very uncommon for boys to want to go to the dentist. We'll call Monday and hopefully soon you'll be taking our insurance. John & Tina Bilek

  2. I've left you a message. Please call me! Thanks so much for the glowing report. I have heard they are now not closing the office. Yes, let me know who you have for insurance and we will figure something out.
    Dr. Mc

  3. Hey Dr McAroy, I have been looking for you and I got your email. I am changing jobs starting Feb. 1st (finally finished school)so I will make certain to choose an insurance that matches the ones you take. I will make an appt for sometime in February. Hope things are well with you. Nicole